Saturday, October 11, 2014

Health Tip 4 the Day

In your quest to win be sure to invest in YOU!  Your day should begin with foods that start you on your Nutritional way for the Greatness YOU'VE been DESIGNED to Experience, so don't circumvent all that has HOPE built in you from our CREATOR by not eating healthy foods that work to keep YOU in balance.

For example Pink Grapefruit Juice, Blueberries, and Blended Yogurt with Lime inside.  The grapefruit is housed naturally with loads of Vitamin C, it's low in Calories with soluble fiber-that fills you up so that you don't over eat; but more important- it's a strong tool to be used in your arsenal of health maintenance & disease fighting as it's a great source of Beta-carotene.  If you peel and eat the grapefruit in its Whole and Raw status like an orange then the skin/white covering under the peel offers a good dose of Cholesterol-lowering pectin from the membranes that cover the grapefruit.

Blueberries have some of the highest dose of Anti-Oxidants, what that means for YOU is- it's an Anti-Aging or cell degenerative fighter, it keeps your cells from oxidizing rapidly like in the case of what happens with the Dulling of car paint because of the effects of the sun; only in humans this oxidation begins a spiral cycled effect of deterioration way too soon.. So eat more live food to stay alive for your predesignated HOPE, for an Opportunity at impacting YOUR World!

Remember as humans when we don't eat a large amount of live foods as also in the case of the yogurt & lime present in this picture which offers you live active (good) for YOU bacteria to keep your digestive system working in balance preventing constipation, peptic ulcers, scurvy (some old down south term that my Mamma and Grandma used to talk about that I knew I really didn't want whatever it was when I was a!), which I Know on the "Real Side" scurvy is actually a depletion of Vitamin C intake causing severe joint pain.  But the benefits of lime provide good soft, pliable and elastic skin & eye-care not to mention the long-term benefits of the Harmony to remove that which is not being turned and used for food Nutrition for the Duration (You do wanna live, right?) of your body.   As all food is not Nutritional, let's get that one thing straight now, no matter how much they promote some foods to be- all "aint" good for the body..OKAY and without those Antioxidants doing their job, well we Die sooner than our GOD Pre-Stamped Expiration Date of "120 Years (The Bible - Genesis 6:3) for Earths Human Body or "Earth-suit" & Lifespan; or we suffer with some continuous Disease/Dis-ease, living out a misery filled existence if in poor health in and out of the hospital spending all the money you have Earned or could hope to earn in reactionary living and medicine hopeful antidotes, visiting Doctor, after Doctor, after Doctor in hopes for a cure of something that could've been preventable, taking more pills than you can humanly afford or worse wishing for death, Really!

So moral of the story today in our Health Tip 4 The Day, man... "Be Kind to Yourself, YOU only have ONE YOU!! and when you're gone, YOU'RE GONE, OUTTA HERE...

You gotta "ALWAYS 'B' 'N' YOUR LIFE TO WIN", positioning yourself Daily for success beyond just existing, but instead Thriving, for the first command and Blessing given to Man by God was: "Be Blessed, go multiply, fulfill, and increase in number and Subdue/Dominate, and Rule over all the beast, flying creatures, fish of the sea and land creatures." (In The Bible, Genesis 1:27 & 28)  Basically YOU are the Author and Artist of your life, write and paint or create the best possible scenario for your Optimum Success, as life is Quality of living not this on our "Knees & knuckles" living from "paycheck to paycheck" that we've become "Soooo" accustomed to and seriously stressed out about saying that "Food" is the comfort of our lives verses it being the "Fuel" for our lives, Really...We've got to rethink this Behavior thing for the Survival of our Species as Humans, this just aint Rocket Science this is basic Evolution in its most Primal state you know, "Survival of the Fittest!"  Quit Sabotaging your own lives, start winning in them and be what The CREATOR of the Worlds we see and don't see made YOU for, tap into Who that might really be.  My son quoted today "The two most important days of our lives (as today was his 23rd birthday) was the day of his birth and the day he realized what he was supposed to do with that birth, with his life".  We must be healthy in order to fulfill our Mission on planet earth among the other humans who both impact our world as we impact theirs.

So my Goal here is to keep you "WIDE AWAKE" AND MOTIVATED in that quest Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond..okay.  *Although my theme song is about Love, the parity is YOU must be Wide Awake to loving yourself so that you don't fail "Love" is always a good thing even if what you learn in loving is that this scenario didn't work for you, never be afraid to learn and always stay "Wide Awake!"

"As Alwaysbnit2win",

JoA' Z. Clark

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**Special Note: Some patients who take High blood Pressure or Cholesterol Medicine may want to consult with their Doctor to see what type of medicines can't be taken with this typical morning drink.  It has been published by WebMD that "Statins" Cholesterol-lowering drugs: Lovastatin (Mevacor), atorfastatin (Lipitor), Simvastatin (Socor, Vytorin) aren't good with Grapefruit.  For High Blood Pressure: Calcium channel blockers (blood pressure drugs): Nitrendipine, Felodipine (Plendil), Nifedipine (Adalat, Procardia); Even those taking Antihistamines: Ebastine; or those recieving Psychiatric or Anti-Depressant drugs: Buspirone (BuSpar), Triazolam (Halcion), Carbamazepine (Tegretol), Diazepam (Valium), Midazolam (Versed), Sertaline (Zoloft).  Immunosuppressants: Cyclosporine (Neoral), Tacrolimus (Prograf); Pain medications: Methadone; Impotence drugs (Erectile Dysfunction): Sildenafil (Viagra); HIV medication: saquinavir (Invirase); or Antiarrythmics: Amiodarone (Cordarone).

So even with the above listed Science and the Medical Noted Information understand that these Fields are advancing daily, still check with your Physician for clarity, updates and assurance on your prescribed medicines with food interactions.